~July 30th 2013~
R.I.P Charlie, I hope that you didn’t die in pain but peacefully. I’ll really miss you and so will Jamie, Mum and Dad. You were my very first pet, and the best one at that! Though your passing didn’t surprise me, it still hit me like a ton of bricks, I still can’t believe my little buddy is gone. Just know Charlie that I’ll miss you everyday and think about you a lot too. I guess this is my final goodbye.

I love you - Sara

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  1. neptunesims said: I´m so sorry :(
  2. emmysuh said: Aw, I’m sorry, hon.
  3. balloonmama said: :(
  4. above-reproach said: I’m so sorry for your loss, bb. It’s always the hardest losing a friend. *hugs*
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